Discover the Future
of Renewable Energy
Financial Modelling

The future of financial modelling is in the cloud, not your local copy.
Modelium gives you a complete, configurable and collaborative software to analyse renewable energy projects in minutes.
What’s Inside?
Collaborative Environment
Make sure everyone has the context they need to do their best work. Data is in the cloud, on demand and always updated. An absolute must-have for distributed teams.
Collaborative Environment
Powerful Algorithms
Leave formulas to machines and focus on what humans do best. Work on big ideas, without the busy work.
Powerful Algorithms
Take Control
Finally. With Modelium you'll track every input, every output and will always have the whole picture.
Take Control
Take Control
Unlimited Capabilities
Levered, unlevered. PPA, merchant, subsidy schemes. You name it. On Modelium you can model any possible scenario, we've got you covered.
Striking Aesthetics
Visual feedback for visual decisions.
Immerse yourself in a platform that will captivate you with an interface designed to enhance productivity.
Striking Aesthetics
About Us
Renewable EnergyFinancial Modelling.Reimagined.
Modelium is the central source of data for growing teams working simultaneously on multiple renewable energy projects.
Our powerful dashboards provide valuable, visual insights to ensure you are always in control of your portfolio.
Transform data into action.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
We build software that is elegantly powerful, intuitive and designed to optimise your time and resources. Our mission is to develop technologies that deliver an exceptional user experience. Renewables. Made simple.
Modelium is always with you, always available.
All your projects, portfolios and scenarios are in one single app for seamless, shared interaction. Modelium empowers you to visually integrate data analysis to improve and accelerate complex decisions.
Unprecedented technology is at your fingertips.
Modelium exists to inspire you, to break away from conventional and to pursue a sustainable future. A better way of modelling renewables is possible.We create the tools; you make it happen.
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Pricing & Billing
Modelium is the ultimate renewable energy modelling experience. An online software where companies can perform financial analysis for renewable energy projects, keep record of their entire portfolio and enjoy an unprecedented way of working in teams.
Modelium is designed for renewable energy investors, developers, consultants, lenders and anybody who wants to financially analyse and understand renewable energy projects.
Modelium is currently designed for solar PV and wind projects and will very soon welcome other renewable energy technologies.
Not at all. Modelium is fully accessible directly from your browser.